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Autumn Adventures in Yellowstone

Montana’s national parks offer the perfect outdoor adventure this fall

Montana is a place of unspoiled beauty year-round with views that are vast and vibrant, but paired with colorful bursts of foliage, fall in the Big Sky state is something you have to experience. The yellow leaves of aspen trees shimmer in the cool breeze creating a stark contrast against their pale bark and the dark shadows of the surrounding mountains. Grazing mule deer raise their heads in unison from their peaceful meal as they hear the nearby bugling call of a bull elk to his herd. With the unforgettable sights and sounds of the season all around you, you’ll fall in love with Montana’s undiscovered season.

Uncovering Yellowstone
Outside the peak summer season, Montana’s national parks offer a variety of outdoor adventures without the crowds. In Uncovering Yellowstone, the newest Discover Your #MontanaMoment video episode, you’ll find a trip idea that combines the spirit of exploration with the unspoiled beauty of our national parks. Uncovering Yellowstonefollows a group of friends who, after years apart, reunite in Gardiner to exploreYellowstone National Park. From plentiful wildlife to hiking against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, the group revels in the autumnal beauty of Montana, noting its “hard not to be awestruck” by the surrounding landscape. Watch the episode on VISITMT.COM.

Wildlife Viewing
Fall is the perfect season to admire Montana’s wildlife at national parks, state parks and other public lands. Home to many species of birds and mammals, Yellowstone National Park is a great place to wildlife watch. Listen for the bugle of an elk, watch bison roam and be on the lookout for black bears as this is the prime season to watch them gear up for hibernation. You’ll also find plentiful wildlife to watch at Glacier National Park. Bring your binoculars to look for animals like bighorn sheep, mountain goats and moose.

Outdoor Adventure
With cooler temperatures and vibrant landscapes, Montana’s national parks are an ideal place to enjoy epic outdoor adventures this fall. Fill your itinerary with hiking, scenic drives, biking, and guided tours; all while enjoying the attractions of nearby towns. Gardiner is home to the original entrance to Yellowstone National Park, which is the only entrance that remains open to wheeled-vehicle use year-round.

While Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park can be your basecamp for outdoor adventure, pairing the perfect accommodations can help set the ambiance for your experience. If you’re looking for a rustic mountain escape like the friends inUncovering Yellowstone, a ranch like B Bar Ranch makes a cozy home away from home during your stay. From western lodges to charming log cabins, the perfect retreat is waiting in Montana.