VIDEO: Bear and wolf spar over animal corpse in Yellowstone

A videographer in Yellowstone managed to capture an amazing standoff between a bear and a large wolf.  The two apex predators squared off over a corpse just on the shore - we're not sure whether the corpse is a bear kill, the wolf's prey, or just an incidental corpse they are both attempting to scavenge, but they both have their eye on it. 

In the words of the videographer, they were "surprised to see the wolf stand its ground so firmly."  And it's true that the wolf does a great job of intimidating the bear, even driving it off several times.  But the bear is not to be denied.  Because while that's one heck of a big wolf, he's still no match for the full-sized bear.  Eventually, the bear manages to get between the wolf and the corpse, at which point the bear seems to be the victor.  

The animals that may have won the whole thing, however, are the ravens, who spend most of the time feasting, heedless of the dueling mammals. 

It's reminiscent of the Yellowstone kill last Autumn, which saw a territorial bear fending off wolves and other bears as he sat by his elk kill in Yellowstone. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel Marcus Catlett

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