VIDEO: Bison Vs Bikers - Who Will Win?

Bikers vs Bison on Highway
Source: Youtube

The Harley-Davidson and the North-American bison, both symbols of our nation's implacable spirit and of our state's rugged freedom.  But what happens when one meets the other on the highway?  Well, a whole lot of dangerous stuff, that's what. 

This video montage of encounters between bikers and bison uploaded to the Youtube channel "Harley Davidson People" shows a handful of moments almost too dumb to be real, and yet they are. 

In other words, you can file most of these under "Got Too Close To Bison."  In fact, a lot of these guys are lucky they didn't get hurt.  It sort of reminds us of summer's harrowing bison encounter, in which a poor biker lady, fresh from Sturges, potentially having enjoyed a few drinks, got tossed around by a bison, losing her pants but, thankfully, living.  Nothing quite so terrifying happens here, but we'll bet that Harley that got tipped over sustained a few wicked scratches, at any rate.  Come to think of it, it also reminds us of this story, which also involves over-confident bikers in close proximity to angry bison

Bikers vs Bison on Highway
Source: Youtube

We don't know where some of these were filmed or when, but it's safe to say that at least a few must have been filmed in Yellowstone National Park.  Some are probably South Dakota, which hosts the most bison out of any state in the union, with 33,000,000 animals.  If you happen to recognize any of the bends in the road, let us know.  

If there is one message you should take away from this, it's that Harley-Davidsons, while undeniably cool and certainly very impressive machines, aren't enough to make you a match for North America's largest living land mammal.  And you don't want that beautiful hog to get all scratched up, or for your old lady to get a bison horn in the gut, do you?  

Well, then try and maintain a respectful distance from the bison, please.  

Source: Youtube channel Harley-Davidson People

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