VIDEO: Grizzly Steals Yellowstone Elk Carcass From Another Bear

Bear with elk carcass
Source: Youtube

The saga of the grizzly bear who killed the elk in Yellowstone continues.  First we showed you the kill, when the grizzly bear won a war of attrition against the weakened bull.  Then we showed you the grisly aftermath, when the bear made a meal out of the elk, starting with his soft bits.  Then the bear rested by his kill, belly full, to protect what remains of the carcass. 

Here's the latest.  While the grizzly who made the kill was away, another large boar approached and decided to take the meat for his own - after all, scavenging existing meat is easier than making a kill of your own.  So the big grizzly boar decides to pick up the remains of the animal and remove them to another location. 

As the bear picks up what is left of the carcass we can see how well the original grizzly (and, we suspect, maybe a few wolf bites, and maybe the odd carion bird peck) managed to remove a great deal of the meat.  It looks like what remains is mostly pelt and antlers.  But the boar thinks he can still get some winter weight packed on with what's left. 

Bear with elk carcass
Source: Youtube

The big guy struggles a bit with the physics of getting the body up over the hill of the shoreline.  The original bear had already struggled to get the body ashore, and so decided to have his several day-long dinner right there.  But this guy manages, finally, to remove it from the shore.  Then he sees something. 

Maybe it was the other grizzly approaching.  Perhaps it is another member of one of the Yellowstone wolf packs trying to steal another bite.  At any rate, the grizzly runs off, presumably to protect his new leftovers.

See the whole video below, and leave a comment if you've ever seen a grizzly with its kill!

Source: Youtube channel "Storyful Rights Management"

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