VIDEO: Mama griz, cubs & wolf pack all meet in Yellowstone

Taylor Bland captured some epic footage of an encounter between four wolves from the Junction Butte wolf pack and a mother grizzly bear with two cubs. The wolves chase the three bears for a while, with mama grizz occasionally lunging at the wolves to keep them at bay.

Bear and wolf encounter

Before too long, the bears stop and rear up on their hind legs. Mama grizz charges the wolves several times to put some distance between them and her cubs, who rear up on their hind legs to get a better look at their hungry visitors. 

Bear and wolf encounter

Thew wolves soon realize that they won't be making a meal out of these adorable cubs thanks to their tough mama. We hope that you enjoy the epic video below! 

The Junction Butte pack’s territory includes Slough Creek and part of the Lamar Valley. Data over the years also shows that the park wolf population hovers around 90-110 wolves and the park’s current population of 106 is stable.

To learn more about Yellowstone's wolves, check out the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. 

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