VIDEO: Man Tries to Feed a Moose Carrots, Almost Gets Kicked in Head

Moose Eating Compost
Source: Youtube

Folks, if there was a moral to 85% of the wild animal encounters we've seen recently it's this: don't try to feed wild animals, and give them plenty of personal (or animal) space.

Wait, did we just write that? We're sorry, we forgot which side of our bread is buttered. But now we remember. 

Please feed the animals! But remember to record it with your cell phone or actually, if you could, please film it with a high-quality digital video camera like, oh, maybe a Canon XA11 Compact Full HD Camcorder with HDMI and composite output.  

Moose salad
Source: Youtube

And as you approach the animal, try to hold the camera far enough away that if the animal should - God forbid - take a bit out of you or thrash you around like a rag doll, or kick you with the force of 16-18 Jackie Chans -- the camera will still be safe and the footage uploadable.

Just look at this guy in Alaska. He saw an enormous moose eating out of the garbage and decided he would try to befriend it by feeding it carrots. He slowly approaches the massive beast, proffering a handful of produce. Sadly, the moose has no concept whatsoever of what a great video it'll be when it kicks the guts out of the encroaching guy. He looks up from his snack and plants his eyes on the guy, and if I didn't know better, I'd say he's contemplating murdering the man and his whole family. 

The man tries throwing a carrot at the moose, which works about as well at endearing the moose to the guy as if you threw a Philly cheesesteak at me, which is to say: not all that well. 

Please Do Not Feed The Moose
Source: Youtube

Then the moose has had enough of this guy creeping close and closer. He calmly turns, faces the man, and in what turns out to be an act of charity when you consider that it could just impale him then and there, kicks at the man with lightning-fast speed. 

The kick is either calculated to miss, like a shot across the bow, or the moose is trying to take the man's head off and fails. Either way, our two friendly bros finally get the picture and back off, giggling.

That's when they rethink their idea and stop trying to feed a 1000 lb animal by hand, so they do the next dumbest thing and throw the remaining carrots at him. He was probably high on adrenaline for the next four hours.

Remember, if you plan on feeding a while animal, please film it in as high a resolution as possible and arrange for your loved ones to have it sent to Distinctly Montana Magazine! Go with God!

Source: Youtube

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Kathleen Dye (not verified) , Wed, 09/02/2020 - 17:08
The guys threw the remaining carrots on the ground ! Now the moose has gotten a food reward for striking at a person ..... how wonderful.
Anonymous (not verified) , Thu, 09/03/2020 - 11:03
Shame on encouraging this. You encourage interacting and then a charging animal to has to be put-down . Seriously bugger off.
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