VIDEO: Wild Bear Won't Take Bath Without a Rubber Ducky!

Bear with rubber ducky
Source: Youtube

We all have our little things we've got to have just so, don't we?  We can't have pizza without beer, can't go to the game without getting a hot dog, can't listen to Corb Lund without dancing a little, etc. 

This bear is no different when he insists on taking a bath with a rubber ducky. 

You might think this is a trained bear and the rubber duck is his toy, but no.  This is a wild bear from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Kentucky, and this was captured on trail cameras by Youtube channel Fairviewcrittercams.  They noticed the bear take a bath once and decided to leave out a large novelty (read: bear-sized) rubber ducky.  

To their surprise and our delight, the bear almost immediately reached for the ducky and brought it into the tub with him.  He's a real Ernie (of Bert and Ernie fame) about it too.  You kind of get the feeling that he could burst into song at any minute.

Bear with rubber ducky
Source: Youtube

Fairviewcrittercams has some great bear content, and you'd do well to check them out.  The bears are never fed and never come into contact with humans, so it does not lead to over-habituation on the part of the bears.  But they do make for some great bear videos.  

Also, interestingly enough, Fairviewcrittercams is run by a pair of acoustic musicians whose work has been featured as, among other things, the theme for Ken Burns's "The National Parks: America's Best Idea" documentary miniseries - one of our favorites!

As for us, we still can't take a bath without our own rubber ducky, now worn with age, whom we have named Winston after our hero, Winston Chruchill.  This one's for you, Winston.  We love you almost as much as that bear loves his rubber ducky.    

See the whole video below: 

Source: Fairviewcrittercams on Youtube

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