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Kyle PloehnKyle Ploehn is an artist, illustrator and writer living in Billings Montana. He likes to spend the few hours he isn't painting hiking the mountains of Montana.

This painting was a commission project for a wonderful local nurse. As an artist, having someone fall in love with a painting is a particularly special experience, however there is something exceptionally fun about finally showing someone a finished project they helped craft. After spending many hours discussing sketches and layouts she had to sit patiently by while I painted for a number of months. The way her eyes lit up when she finally saw the finished painting really reminds me why I like to do what I do.

While a dragon is a fantastical creature and I’m typically known as a wildlife painter, it can be good creatively to stretch beyond what is normal. A painting like this poses new interesting problems to be solved. For one, a creature like this doesn’t exist so how would it work? What would it look like? How would a wing work if it also has a shoulder? While being a challenge, it also provides exploration and a sense of creation working on real animals can’t evoke.

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