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Experience the Christmas holiday in Havre's oldest single-family home in the Historic District. Miss Emily spends over a... MORE
Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park offers candlelight tours in December, weather permitting. See the cave as the original... MORE
This original production is based on a true story of an 8-year-old. Virginia O'Hanlon, who wrote a letter to the New York... MORE
tips for holiday photos
Jenna Caplette
Jenna Caplette migrated from California to Montana in the early 1970s, first living on the Crow Indian reservation. A Healing Arts Practitioner, she owns Bozeman BodyTalk & Integrative Healthcare. She says, " Health is resiliency, a zest for the journey. It’s about coming awake to the joy of... MORE
Christmas Season
Angela Jamison
Angela Jamison is a native Montanan and she grew up in beautiful Bozeman. I'm the mother of two girls and write a blog about our life here and taking in the simple pleasures of family and food. I’m a holiday girl and Christmas ranks right up there at the top.  Things begin right after... MORE
President Barack Obama has signed wilderness legislation that preserves large areas of land in the North Fork of the... MORE
8:40 a.m. A minivan with a big red bow on the back and a Subaru were stolen from East Edgewood Drive in Whitefish. 8:48 a.m... MORE
Eighteen grizzly bears were killed in encounters with humans in north-central Montana this year, but none had to be... MORE
What will be the major guiding principles for land use and growth in Montana over the next 30 years? The State Legislature determines the guiding principles for land use and growth and, unfortunately...
Gwen Petersen
Gwen Petersen: Cowgirl Poet, Rancher, & All-around Clever Writer  By Lori Grannis       Call Gwen Petersen an “old-timer” and she’ll likely throw her head back and cackle —...
A DM Roundtable: Sports Medicine Orthopedics to the Rescue Dr. Steven J. KleppsOrtho 237-5050 Dr. Klepps is a fellowship-trained and board-certified...