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First annual event offers chestnuts, apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, currants, grapes, and more. Venue: Blue Sky... MORE
For over 30 years, cross country skiers from across North America and around the world have traveled to West Yellowstone,... MORE
As always, Downtown Billings will pull out all of the holiday fun stoppers to make Stroll 2015 one to remember. At 3:30 PM,... MORE
celebrate Thanksgiving
Angela Jamison
Angela Jamison is a native Montanan and she grew up in beautiful Bozeman. I'm the mother of two girls and write a blog about our life here and taking in the simple pleasures of family and food. Thanksgiving. Such a simple, wonderful holiday without the fuss the others can bring. The first thought... MORE
stories frm a hunter's wife
Kristen Berube
Kristen Berube lives a crazy, laugh-filled life with her outdoorsman husband Remi and their three camo-clad children in Missoula, Montana. A graduate of Montana State University and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, she loves being a mom and enjoys hiking, fishing, and camping. “... MORE
Despite below-freezing weather, nearly 100 Montana State University students stripped down to their underwear and ran around... MORE
Yellowstone National Park proposes to kill roughly 1,000 wild bison this winter — mostly calves and females — as officials... MORE
On a cold, rainy day in October, a husband and wife descend from the viewing platform above the Yellowstone River Canyon... MORE
Winter Cabin Yaak Montana Arrival
The dead of winter in the Yaak brings short days and long frigid nights. Here, only two miles from Canada and well off the grid sits our 15’ X 25’ log cabin. I made it myself, with local logs 33...
BIG TIMBER: The Little Town That Can by Bill Muhlenfeld
“The rain of last night wet us all. [NB: having no tent, & no covering but a buffaloe skin] I had the horses all Collected early and Set out, proceeded over the point of a ridge and through...
Your Inner Wolf By Carl Safina
YOUR INNER WOLF By Carl Safina Men often feel some pressure to measure up as alpha-males, to “wolf up” as it were. But pack the car for a dad-directed forced-march camping trip or outing and our...