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  • Jakki Mohr University of Montana

Dr. Mohr is a Regents Professor, the Jeff and Martha Hamilton Distinguished Faculty Fellow, and Professor of Marketing at the University of Montana. She is the winner of numerous teaching awards, and a major innovator in the field of marketing high-technology products and services. Mohr’s current work is sustainable innovation, including biomimicry, and a variety of protocols contributing to environmental solutions of complex human problems and issues. 

What people generally don’t know about technology marketing is… that it is really really difficult: challenges in product development; a lack of market research and industry data; customers who are not eager to embrace new technologies; scientific experts attempting to communicate with nonscientists.

If you asked my students about me they would tell you… that despite being intense and a bit intimidating, I’m irreverent and a bit goofy, and absolutely LOVE what I do. 

When you first meet me you might think I’m… an extrovert, but really, I need a lot of quiet time for thinking and rejuvenating.

The most intriguing aspect of biomimicry is… how nature, despite being a “physical thing” in the sense that it is outdoors, gets inside a person’s head and heart.

As it turns out, I’m really grateful for... the fact that my dad never said, “I told you so.”

There is never a better day for me than… when I get up early and get to enjoy an early morning run in the stillness of nature. I also really enjoy receiving emails from students about how they are using their knowledge from my classes in their careers.

If it were up to me… we would convene the CEOs of the Fortune 100 companies and galvanize them to make sustainability a priority. We need the synergies of multiple companies leading the way, not only with respect to global warming but also in finding a business model that relies on something other than consumption as its foundation.

Just for fun I… love to run, read books, garden, and bake.

Teaching in foreign countries has taught me… that Americans need to be more humble. Also, it is hard to find a place to run every day in cities that are polluted, congested, and removed from wilderness.

If I had it to do all over again, the once thing I’d do differently is… laugh and sing more.

No one knows that I have a secret passion for…. wine, cheese, and chocolate—oh, wait, I think everyone knows that about me already!

When I was 20 I never could have imagined… that I’d be the author of a book and invited to speak so many places.

If I only had more time I would… get outside more.

Someone should have told me… that being a professor —while amazing in so many respects — is a very demanding position.

When something makes me angry I… swear an awful lot. 

I find it really hard to believe that… so many Americans don’t pay attention to the facts of major problems, such as global warming, toxins in our products, and so on.

Most businesses don’t really understand… their customers’ mindsets: what motivates them, what their perceptions are, what problems they want to solve—and how much time, energy and money they are willing to spend to solve them.

It worries me that… our two-party political system in this country seems to be broken. We need society, our political system, and business all pulling together, in concert, to solve the major problems of the day.

Innovation in marketing... has the potential either to degrade society or to help solve problems in profound ways.

I can’t even imagine… where our future is going to take us. We have so many big problems (“grand challenges”) to solve, and it is going to take business innovation, political courage, and societal change to do so.