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Angela Jamison

Angela JamisonAngela Jamison is a native Montanan and she grew up in beautiful Bozeman. I'm the mother of two girls and write a blog about our life here and taking in the simple pleasures of family and food.

The days are getting longer and warmer. I find myself extra chipper, maybe even annoyingly so. Eyes closed, face up to the sky with a silly smile while feeling the sun kiss my cheeks. I can’t pinpoint what my favorite part of spring is, there is so much about it that makes me happy. To name a few…

 The Return of Color

After the white of snow begins to melt away we are met with grays and browns. Slowly, as spring continues, color begins to pop up. When I see the first tulips making their appearance I know the end of winter is in sight. It only grows from there, first flowers and then the grass starts to green and finally the trees show their first buds. A gradual process, giving hope of a colorful summer. Everything slowly waking up after a long hibernation. I even love when dandelions show up in yards. Thought of by most as a weed, I see a sign of spring and summer. And how can you not love a bouquet of dandelions given to you by a child?

 Longer Days

No longer are we eating dinner in the dark and staying tucked inside after. In spring after dinner trips to the park become the norm. Meals are eaten outside and in my opinion food simply tastes better when you are sitting in the fresh air. In the morning, rather than waking to an alarm in a dark house, I hear birds chirping and sunlight peaking through the windows long before it is time to get up. Early morning runs bring opportunity to watch the sun rise above the Bridgers and welcome the day.

 The Beginning of Garden Season

I have always been told you never plant anything in Montana until after Memorial Day. We follow this, but that only gives three short months for growing. Because of this, each year my husband begins some seeds inside in hopes of getting beautiful tomatoes by August. It wasn’t until I had my own children that I cleaned up our eating. Took more time to think about what we were feeding them. I thought eating fresh, local produce would be difficult. It turns out between farmer’s markets and CSA’s, Bozeman is a fantastic place for this. When garden plans get started I start dreaming of salads all made from garden spinach, kids eating tomatoes like an apple straight off the vine and coming up with new ways to eat the dozens of zucchinis popping up each week. And it’s not only vegetables. Our strawberries and raspberries always come early and with them the first taste of summer.

 Happy Folks

All it takes is a day that creeps into the 60’s and the entire town cheers up. Smiles are bigger and I find that I’m not alone in my annoyingly chipper attitude. It must be the mix of the fresh air and warm temperatures after living under a blanket of snow. Spring brings that rare time when everyone is happy about the weather. The time between complaining about the bitter cold and then the heat.

 Wardrobe Change

Nothing thrills me more than trading the snow boots for flip flops. By April I am sick of layers and scarves and ready for the simplicity of shorts and tees. No more bundling my daughters up in full snow gear before school or stuffing it in their backpacks. Spring time dressing is easy. We do of course, make sure the snow gear isn’t tucked too far into the closet…you just never know around here.

 Spring is a re-birth and you can see it all around you. As much as I dislike the winter months, I love how they make us truly appreciate the spring. Not all places get this. Even the occasional spring snow can’t bring you down once you’ve had a taste of what is to come.




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