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  • The Old Broke Rancher on Becoming a Hobo at Nine

    By Gary Shelton
    One summer’s day after church, when I was in first or second grade, one of the big-hatted, blue-haired ladies of the St. Leo’s congregation asked me, within earshot of my father, what I wanted to be when I grew up. I answered, without a moment’s doubt, “I want to be a hobo!”
  • MT's Crawdad Cuisine

    By Dwayne Nelson
    There are some lakes, McGregor Lake (about midway between Kalispell and Libby on hwy 2) being one, where divers gather each summer to dive, catch crawdads, and have a big crawdad boil. 
I’m only familiar with the trapping method, and I don’t like to be underwater so that is the method we will address here.
  • After the Burns: Hunting for Mushrooms

    By Larry Evans
    Since 1991, the Western Montana Mycological Association has offered workshops and forays focused on mushrooms— not all of them as exciting as this one—every spring and fall season. These forays are always campouts, and attract dozens of dedicated mushroom hunters from all over the state.
  • A Day In the Life of a Montana Zookeeper

    By Allyson Dredla
    I feed the river otters lunch and sanitize the otter building. I do a quick free-contact (no barrier between the animal and me) training session with our badger, Uki, asking her to go in her crate, put her paw on a few spread out wooden marks, and touch her nose to a tennis ball on a stick.
  • Montana's Small-Town Craft Breweries

    By Susie Wall
    Consider what a special place a brewery in a town with a population of less than 1,000 people holds in the community. Not only does it satisfy the palate of local beer lovers, it also serves as a gathering place for the community, a venue for local musicians and a much-needed source of employment and tourist dollars to quench the local economy.
  • Snowdrift Alpacas

    By Brian D'Ambrosio
    Atop the Continental Divide, fiber artist Betty Kujawa works with select, raw yields of
    fleece. Here, on eight hilly acres and three high pastures, she tends to the dozen quirky
    animals that form Snowdrift Alpacas.
  • Winter Hot Springs Roundup!

    Few things in life are more magical than visiting a Montana hot spring in the wintertime to soak in a steaming spring while surrounded by piles of fresh snow!  Montana boasts some of the finest hot springs in the west, and we’re pleased to present you with a selection of some of the best.
  • Big Sky Cooking - Select Recipes

    When you live in a remote place, you’re maybe even more drawn to company, and because meetings are less frequent, each becomes something of a celebration. Hospitality takes on a new meaning when someone drives 40 miles to have dinner at your house, never mind just to stop by and say hello.
  • Montanan You Should Know: Stella Fong

    I love introducing people to new foods. With the kitchen as my sanctuary where so much deliciousness can be created, I find enjoyment and comfort there. I want others to feel the same way.
  • Soup Shop

    By Judy Blunt, professor and author of Breaking Clean
    As a child, I could always tell when we were having soup for supper.We lived on a ranch in a compilation of homestead shacks knocked together, typical of the day—insulated with newspapers and tarpaper, fitted with single paneeaser_text:value]
  • Montana’s Special Scarecrow Festivals

    By Joe Shelton
    Ancient Egyptians used a variation of them to protect their crops along the Nile River Delta from pesky quails. But it was the Greeks, Romans, and Japanese who anthropomorphized them, dressing wood and straw up in old clothes and lending them clubs and scythes to enhance their capacity to intimidate birds.