Regenerating Montana: The Tangen Draw Mission from Pasture to Plate

Tangen Draw

Amid Montana's vast landscapes, where the towering Crazy Mountains cast their shadows, there’s a place called Tangen Draw, a ranch aiming to redefine the phrase “know your rancher.”

It all started with a desire for food source connection—not just to where our food comes from, but to the deep-rooted tales of its growth, its journey, and its impact both to the land and to our own health. When we bite into a juicy steak, do we pause to consider the pasture it grazed upon, the care with which it was raised, the harmonious footprint it left on Mother Earth, and how nutritious the meat actually is? These were the pressing questions that churned in the minds of the Conver family as they established Tangen Draw in 2019. 

The family’s aspirations were clear: to raise cattle in Montana, where they could live and work in nature, and to do so in a way that results in the best tasting, most nutrient-dense meat possible. “We realized that in order to produce a great tasting product that’s not just good for us but also good for the environment, we needed to think beyond just the animals and work to help nature recreate a healthy natural system that gives back more than what is taken,” says Nick Conver. Stirred by this vision of contributing to a revitalized food system, they ventured into regenerative agriculture, where the very essence of their ranching isn't just about producing unique, quality meat for consumers (and for Tangen Draw, that’s 100% grass-fed and -finished, dry-aged beef and bison); it's doing so in a way that binds the land, the animals, the humans, and the ecosystem in a cohesive, symbiotic dance.

Inspired by the late 19th century ranching heritage of their ancestors, the family—who, at the time, were self-proclaimed “newbie ranchers”—threw themselves into researching, learning, and doing, all in an earnest effort to produce exceptional meat in a way that would reinvigorate the terrains they cherish and support a food model the planet can actually sustain. This holistic view manifested in their regenerative ranching approach, which the family describes as “methodical and complex.” 

Tangen Draw

Indeed, the pursuit of regenerative ranching is a dedicated one. Spanning several thousand square acres across prairies, creeks, hills, and valleys, Tangen Draw's cattle and bison are grazed with precision, always under the watchful eye of the ranch team, who traverse the land traditionally by horseback. “We graze our animals deliberately across our ranch, which allows them to consume a diverse range of grasses, contributing to optimal health, but it simultaneously nourishes the very land that sustains them,” explains Morgan Conver. “It’s an intricate process that facilitates soil rejuvenation: as the animals graze, they naturally fertilize the soils with their urine and manure, and stimulate the land with their hooves. Part of this purposeful grazing technique also means keeping our animals moving up to four times per day to the next area of the ranch, allowing the pastures to rest at least a year before being grazed again, which stimulates prairie grass resurgence and, ultimately, creates a flourishing native ecosystem.” 

The family truly sees the land as an intrinsic, essential component of their team, and using regenerative ranching methodologies allows them to contribute to a self-sustaining ecosystem where flora and fauna work, grow, and nourish together in lush, wild harmony. “As we worked to improve our soil health and plant nutrition, utilizing data analytics to closely analyze soil health, erosion patterns, and forage diversity, we came to appreciate the natural system through which both developed,” shares Morgan. “That natural system runs from the soil to the plants to the animals to the ecosystem to people, and we found the best path to the highest quality meat was through having the healthiest and least stressed livestock grazing on the most diverse and nutrition-dense pastures.” 

Tangen Draw

Animal welfare is another key factor in their operation, and at Tangen Draw, animals are moved slowly and calmly, without sudden movements or loud noises. There’s also a strict policy against the use of artificial additives, chemicals, or antibiotics—a commitment that shines through in the very flavor, taste, and nutrient profile of their meats. “What we are doing on the ranch ultimately affects the taste and quality of the meat,” says Morgan. “But what we don’t do may be equally important. We don’t apply chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides to the soil or the plants. We don’t plow the soil or leave bare soil exposed without plant cover. We don’t feed our animals grain or add any hormones. All of these practices harm or kill soil biology or directly or indirectly reduce the health and nutrition of our beef and bison, and our ecosystem.” 

In fact, data analysis proves that meat from Tangen Draw is leaps and bounds more nutrient-dense than conventional meat, and beyond most other grass-finished meats. “We rely on our customers to judge how we are delivering on our goal of great taste, but we go to laboratory analysis to validate our nutrition density,” shares Nick. “One recent test analyzed our meat along with 250 other grass-finished samples and found that Tangen Draw meats were among the lowest in Omega-6: Omega-3 ratio, a critical factor in supporting human brain health, heart health, and inflammation regulation.”

Adaptive grazing techniques, low-stress livestock management, and a genuine reverence for the land and its creatures are the keystones of Tangen Draw’s operations. These diligent endeavors not only promise meat of unmatched quality but also the revival of Montana's iconic rangelands. The Convers have become firm believers in the magic of regenerative ranching, where the whole is undeniably greater than the sum of its parts. “We’re only a few years into this venture, so we’re the first to admit that we’re still learning and growing, but always with the best intentions,” says Nick. “We now manage everything we do to help nature regenerate our ecology, from the soil up. There isn’t a definitive answer to what regenerative ranching can or should be, but we focus on quality control throughout the whole process, from our pastures to what our customers receive at home.”

Tangen Draw

While Tangen Draw meats have been available directly to consumers via their website, the family just recently launched their own membership club, called the Rangeland Society. This customizable club includes 8- or 15-pound seasonal bundles, available monthly, bi-monthly, and tri-monthly, comprising everything from specialty cuts to everyday staples. “We see the Rangeland Society as more than a club, it’s a community,” explains Morgan. “It’s about sharing our delicious beef and bison with people near and far, eliminating the need for impulse buys at the grocery store, so they can rest assured that they’ll always have quality meat on hand. But it’s also about inviting people to be a part of our journey.” Besides access to special cuts and discounts, membership includes fun swag throughout the year, as well as exclusive invitations to dinners and events on the ranch, which is located just outside of Big Timber, MT. 

“We want people to know that we’re not just a ranch with a family photo on the website,” adds Morgan. “We’re actually here in the weeds, maintaining quality standards, organizing our freezers, packing up shipments. The further we explore our path to the best tasting, most nutrition-dense grass-finished beef and bison, the deeper we are emerged in nature’s compounding synergies of health. It is indeed great to live and work with nature on purpose. We are in awe, and we invite those interested to join us along the way.”

From pasture to plate, Tangen Draw isn't merely about producing grass-fed and -finished meats. It's a story of connection, commitment, and, above all, a heartfelt ambition to aid in the health and well-being of the land and its people for generations to come. 

Tangen Draw’s grass-finished, dry-aged meats are available online at Soon, the family will be launching local delivery to the Bozeman community. To inquire about local deliveries, along with quarter, half, and whole animal purchases, email [email protected].

Tangen Draw

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