VIDEO: Black Bear Reaches Out, Swats Passing Jogger

Bear swats jogger
Source: Youtube

A video uploaded to Youtube yesterday captures another human/bear encounter, but unlike some of the recent examples, like these lucky hikers in Glacier, this was closer to human civilization.  

The video shows a jogger in British Columbia had a close encounter with a bear when she came around a turn and found a black bear sitting in the middle of the path.  She wisely remains calm, stopping and letting the bear check her out.  

Bear reaching towards jogger
Source: Youtube

The most frightening moment for her must have been when the black bear reaches out and pokes at her tentatively.  Because even though every indication would suggest the bear is just curious as to what the jogger is made out of, joggers just happen to be principally made of meat. 

The black bear circles around her, and finally the jogger's had enough, continuing her run.  It bears repeating (no pun intended) that running from a bear isn't a good idea, but this one didn't seem too intent on pursuing.  The jogger escapes intact and with enough good cheer to smile and the wave at the person filming her. 

Jogger running from bear
Source: Youtube

However, the issue that has not yet been addressed is the bear's inappropriate and unwanted advance on the woman.  I mean, geez.  That bear's a real Weinstein.  

See the whole lurid encounter here: 

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