Black Timber Custom Furniture: Delivering Montana Heirlooms

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Black Timber Customer Funiture Company operates under a bold, and some would say old-fashioned principle: furniture hand-crafted from the finest materials by expert craftsmen is better than furniture made out of particleboard on an assembly line in some overseas sweatshop. Take even a quick stroll through their showroom in Four Corners Montana, running your hand over their finished products' smooth, solid surfaces. You'll wonder why all furniture isn't designed and crafted to be a highly functional centerpiece of craftsmanship in any room it graces. 

Black Timber Furniture Company is the breath of clean, pure rustic Big Sky air we desperately need in this world of cheaply assembled, bleakly antiseptic, flimsy Swedish particle board. 

Black Timber's owner, Todd Fullerton, graduated from MSU in 2009 and started Black Timber

Todd Fullerton
       Todd Fullerton 

Furniture in 2010. Todd took his construction engineering degree, the support of his family, a pioneering American spirit and risked it all to start the business. Fortune favors the bold, and over the ensuing years, Todd and his team have built up Black Timber's reputation into a thing as solid and mighty as one of their legendary reclaimed wood barn doors. 

In those early days, he did a bit of everything. "As a small business owner, I waited on customers, drew the CAD drawings for their designs, filled their requests for custom finishes, ordered the lumber, slabs, and materials, kept the books, and scheduled deliveries," he says. "Often, I was and still am part of the delivery and install team." 

Todd and his team treat each piece of furniture with the respect and care that a future family heirloom commands. They use as much domestic lumber and hardware as possible. Their works are constructed with both utility and aesthetics in mind, and Black Timber as an organization is fluent in many design styles, including Mission, Shaker, Rustic or Reclaimed Wood, live edge, contemporary, and anything else you can imagine. They thrive when tasked with custom designs and creating built-to-order masterpieces. 

They're equally adept at making furniture for commercial or residential purposes. The furniture you get from Black Timber is the real deal; the kind a family will cherish as they hand them down from generation to generation, embuing them with lifetimes of memories.

"The process is as simple or detailed as required to accomplish our clients' wishes," Todd adds. "It is very exciting when we work together in finishing and furnishing an entire home. The quality of our furniture and the wide variety of styles and custom possibilities makes a home very personal, whether modern or traditional." 

Speaking of your entire home, you can easily get everything done with Todd and his team. In addition to the standard selection of household furniture, Black Timber also crafts vanities, countertops, barn doors, built-in cabinetry, and barn doors. If you can imagine it, they can conjure it into existence from the raw wood. 

Black Timber

Even if you're just looking to freshen up an existing space, a few custom bookcases, a bar cabinet, or an entry-seated coat rack will do wonders for an existing home that needs some new style to make it feel fresh again. Black Timber employs the finest craftsmen, and the quality is evident in everything they put their minds and callused Montanan hands to crafting. 

Though based in southwest Montana, Black Timber has placed tables, beds, desks, chest of drawers, and everything in between in homes, hotels, banks, resorts, lodges, commercial offices, and universities throughout the nation, and they're beginning to get the recognition that their work deserves. 

For all that, they're still very much a Montana company which means that buying a piece of furniture from Black Timber Furniture is buying local. There are obvious benefits to buying local, like keeping money in the state and helping to support Montana's working families. Buying Black Timber Furniture also means buying from a Veteran Owned small business and supporting military veteran craftsmen, and that's about as Distinctly Montana as anything can be. 

There are also plenty of practical reasons to buy local, including greatly reduced lead times and no long and frustrating delivery. Finally, as an alternative to the Swedish metaphysical hell of Ikea—you don't have to put it together yourself only to have it collapse in a heap about a year later. 

Here's to local, veteran-owned Montana businesses and furniture that'll still be here for centuries. Or, as Todd says, "Our core business derives from creating furniture collections that stand the test of time." 

Black Timber

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