BOM Nomination Phase Ads

Best of Montana Nomination Phase Ad Options

You are welcome to design your own ads and submit them to us, or we are happy to design them for you at no additional cost. This page lists the different types of ads and the specifications of each ad. 

Best of Montana Ad Descriptions
  1. Group ads are the largest ads and appear at the top of each top-level group (Ex: Food & Drink).
  2. Category Ads appear at the top of each category level (Ex: Food & Drink\Best Sushi Restaurant).
  3. Ballot-wide ads appear to the right of the ballot on every page beside all groups & categories. When ballot-wide ads are clicked, they will redirect visitors to your selected category, where they will see your category ad and can nominate your business. 

** If more than one ad is placed for a category, the ads will be rotated automatically on a timer, with each ad being given equal time/weight for the contest's duration.

** If you would like to submit your own ads using the above specifications, please submit files as .JPG or .GIF files of under 100kb each. You can send ads directly to your account rep or email them to [email protected] 

Make sure you visit our Best of Montana FAQ page often & make a plan! 

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