Casual Portrait of Two Crow Men by Photographer Fred E. Miller

This historical portrait, in which these two Native-American men's expressive faces seem to say so much, was taken by photographer Fred E. Miller was most likely taken between 1890 and 1900.  

Though the title of the portrait is "Bannock Men," historians at the Montana Memory Project have said that they are much more likely to be Crow Natives.  Photographer Fred E. Miller was known for the 14 years he spent among the Crow as a clerk for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  During that time, Miller learned the Crow language and was officially adopted as a member of the tribe. 

Miller took hundreds of photos, but in our opinion, this is one of the best.  So much of the personality of these men seem to be conveyed through this remarkable photograph.  Unlike some Native portraits of the day, which tended to feature Natives posed and dressed up in full regalia, this seems to show a more candid, true-to-everyday-life view of these two men. 

Be sure to click and expand the photograph below so you can see all the details.  

Source: Montana Memory Project

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