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Angela Jamison

It’s sunny one moment and snow the next.  This sums up spring in Montana and while we are all used to this, it doesn’t make it any easier to accept.  I have come to enjoy the snow in the winter, knowing that winter lasts through March around here.  I have learned to tolerate it well into April.  When it shows up in May or June? That’s when I start to lose my mind.  So, what’s one to do in the middle of a Montana spring?  When one moment you are soaking up the warm sun from your hammock putting together your summer hiking and camping list and the next you’re shaking heavy wet snow from your poor trees, hoping that the branches won’t break from the weight.  I don’t have it all figured out, but here’s what gets me through…

- Take advantage of the nice days, knowing they will be fleeting
- Wear flip-flops on those nice days, but don’t put away your snow boats
- Go for a hike to get ready for the season, but maybe don’t head too far into the mountains.  Enjoy some local in-town trails instead
- Cut lilacs and tulips when they first begin blooming, you never know if they’ll make it through spring or get covered in snow
- Place those flowers in a vase on your kitchen table or at your office desk…the smell will make everyone happy
- Bring out the patio furniture and invite friends over for a barbeque on the nice days, but also keep the snow shovel handy
- Don’t put your hammock up yet…the snow all over it will just taunt you
- Resist the urge to plant flowers and your garden.  Unless you are prepared to cover them up or bring them indoors 
- Remain skeptically optimistic on those 70-degree days in May
- When that optimism is shattered, know that it is okay to be grumpy about it.  Everyone else is too
- On a snow day, enjoy wearing a scarf for a couple more days and cuddle up on the couch for a movie night.   There’s something cozy about being forced inside rather than feeling like you should be out enjoying the weather
- Stop checking your weather app to see if things are going to improve, just know it will melt and spring will come back.  It always does.
- Stop following any of your friend’s social media that live someplace warm or are on vacation, this doesn’t help with the grumpiness and you can catch up on their feed when the 70-degree days come back
- Roll your eyes when someone says “We need the moisture” but know this is true and will make for a good camping season

Remember…this too shall pass.  Happy spring Montana!


Angela JamisonAngela Jamison is a native Montanan and she grew up in beautiful Bozeman. I'm the mother of two girls and write a blog about our life here and taking in the simple pleasures of family and food.