Local Surgeon Highlights Potential Benefits of the MyMobility® Application for Orthopedic Procedures


The Orthopedic Surgery Team at Northern Montana Hospital (NMH) in Havre is now offering Persona IQ®, the world’s first and only smart knee implant granted “De Novo status” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for total knee replacement surgery. Persona IQ combines the proven and trusted knee implant, Persona® The Personalized Knee®, with implantable sensor technology that measures range of motion, step count, walking speed and other gait metrics.

“We’re excited to be the first facility in Montana that offers Persona IQ, the world’s first smart knee implant, to our patients considering knee replacement surgery. This new to the world innovation will provide surgeons access to information directly from the implant post-surgery, such as its position, how fast it is moving, or how its movement varies as time passes by,” said Dr. M. Benjamin Farr, Orthopedic Surgery Provider at NMH.

Persona IQ features implantable sensor technology that records and wirelessly transmits a wide range of gait data from the knee implant to a patient’s personal base station at home. The data is then securely delivered to a HIPAA compliant cloud-based platform and can be accessed by the patient and their surgeon. Persona IQ can be also used along with mymobility®, a remote care management app that tracks pre- and post-operative mobility metrics. 


“Our Orthopedic Surgery care teams can utilize this Persona IQ® data to aid during the process of patient monitoring and treatment post-surgery. Thereby ensuring the best possible outcome for our total joint replacement patients.” Added Dr. Farr.

For more information about Persona IQ, visit https://www.zimmerbiomet.com/en/patients-caregivers/persona-iq.html. For more information about Total Joint Replacement surgery, visit the NMH website at www.NMHCare.org. or contact the Orthopedic Surgery Team at the Northern Montana Specialty Medical Center by calling 406-262-7831.

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