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7 Special Places to Visit in Montana

If you are planning a trip to Montana, you undoubtedly already have the primary and most frequently visited tourist destinations already on your list. What you very likely do not have are the seven most unique and generally unheard of travel destinations in Montana.

If you are a Montana resident, these seven destinations are also very likely places you've heard about, or at least have not heard a great deal about, despite living in the state. These are locales that a Montana resident also needs to seriously consider visiting.

Yaak Valley

The Yaak Valley is located on the northwestern part of Montana. The Yaak Valley is at the border of Idaho and Canada.

The Yaak Valley is a rainforest, located in the northern United States (of all places) is a rainforest. In fact, the Yaak Valley has multiple rain forests. Scientifically speaking, these are known as lowland temperate rainforests.

The Yaak Valley is home to a great variety of highly interesting wildlife. In many ways it is a nature lover's paradise. The Yaak Valley is filled with numerous idyllic places in which you camp when visiting the area.

The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, Arlee

Located at the small community of Arlee, Montana, the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas is another truly interesting destination in Big Sky Country. The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas has been under construction for almost two decades.

The founder states that his goal is to create a garden that inspires the Buddhist ideals of compassion, wisdom, and joy. The founder desires the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas to be a destination at which Eastern philosophy is preserved and celebrated in a part of the world where it is not widely known.

Visitors are welcome to the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas all year around. There are activities and events at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas throughout the year as well.

The World's Shortest River

Montana is well known for its natural grandeur. What nearly no one knows, the state is home to something very small as well. Located at Great Falls, the Roe River is classified as the shortest river in the world.

The Roe River runs 200 feet from head to end. A visitor to the area can walk the entire length of the river in about a minute.

Noting that many people have christened the Roe River as the shortest in the world, it vies for this designation with another short stretch of water in Oregon and another in France. Despite the competition for the designation as the shortest river in the world, the Roe River is a unique visitor's destination in the state.

In addition, being located at Great Falls, there are a variety of other interesting sites for a visitor to take in. In other words, there is a great deal to be done in Great Falls and checking out the Roe River can be one aspect of a visit.

The City Underneath Havre

Havre, Montana, has a sad history. In 1904, the entire town was burnt to the ground.

In response to this tragic event, the town's leaders decided to move the community underground. They literally rebuilt what represents about six blocks of the town in underground tunnels.

The underground town that Havre became is still intact today. A visitor can take the Havre Beneath the Streets tour. Tours are given the year around. Reservations can be made, but are not required. Reservations are recommended for larger groups of people who desire to tour this unique underground city.


Polebridge is a small community of less that 90 people. It is located just south of the Canadian border.

Polebridge is an ideal location for a visitor to Montana to land to get away from it all. In addition, Polebridge is located in close proximity to Glacier National Park. It is a perfect place to stay when taking in all of the wonders of Glacier National Park.

Judith Gap

Located between the Big Snowy Mountains and the Little Belt Mountains, the Judith Gap is a beautiful spot in Montana. It is not heavily visited by tourists at this juncture in time.

The Judith Gap is gaining a bit more attention in this day and age. It is the location of the state's first wind farm. The wind farm is open to visitors throughout the year.

Moss Mansion, Billings

Moss Mansion is a three story, 28 room residence. It is a preserved historic site. The Moss Mansion was build for $105,000 at a time when the typical home cost $3,000.


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