Distinctly Montana

Montana's Nature Means HEALTH

Exploring the great outdoors is one of life’s simpler yet most rewarding pleasures. Even
those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of a crowded city can appreciate the majesty of nature
on occasion. The Rocky Mountains are a breathtaking part of the natural environment and
are a must-see for any tourist or native of Montana. Taking time to appreciate the great
outdoors has so many amazing benefits for mental and physical health, and making the
most out of nature is easy to do in this beautiful state. Here are a few ideas for your next trip

Physical Fitness

Even if you don’t have a gym membership, Montana’s nature preserves and national parks
are the perfect substitutes. Whatever your fitness level, there is an activity for you. Beautiful
lakes and rivers such as the water at Apgar Village are perfect for wild swimming, and you
can find out more at Visit MT. The water is good for supporting your body, giving you the
sensation of exerting less energy than you truly are. This is why you’re probably very hungry
after taking a dip! Skiing in the mountain snow not only gives you strong calves and good
balance but also beautiful views of the surrounding scenery. For tamer exploits, hiking
through the woodland is another way to stay fit while admiring the landscape.

Mental Fitness

It’s not just your body that will thank you for journeying across Montana’s land; taking in the
wonders of nature is excellent for your mental health. It is proven that beauty makes humans
happier, and the spectacles found at Glacier National Park is a sight to behold. Even if you
don’t want to walk too far or climb any steep surfaces, taking a trip out of the city and
absorbing the natural landscape will give your mind vital time to decompress after hectic
careers or family life. This way, you will be better able to tackle your problems when you

Leisure Time

Linked to staying mentally fit is the importance of keeping stress levels low. This is part of
the reason why leisure and relaxation are so vital for maintaining good health. The cities
have a reputation for causing stress, so opting for spending more time within nature can be
hugely beneficial in unexpected ways. There are so many different ways you can relax in an
urban area: watching movies; checking up on scores with Unibet; going to a restaurant. This
works well for people who don’t have time to make the trip to somewhere a little more
remote. Each new moment in nature is unique compared to the last, whereas lazing at home
can become tedious and repetitive.

Ideas for Activities

If you want to make the most out of your time in Montana’s stunning natural environment,
here are a few ideas for activities to try:
 Buy or hire a mountain bike to follow the trails,
 Study the local wildlife and practice tracking animals (with caution),
 Take a paddleboard out onto the water and see the fish below,
 Invest in a tent and find a good campsite (remember to pack marshmallows).