Oxen Drawn Wagon Leads Parade at Roundup, 1914

Everybody loves a parade, and we assume that's true for the Montanans of more than 100 years ago as well. In fact, we reckon it's likely they took their entertainment where they could get it. 

It was probably a thrill, then, when this parade was organized in Roundup in 1914. It appears to be summer, as there isn't any snow on the ground, so maybe it was a parade in honor of the fourth of July. The photo captures cart pulled by oxen as it passes in front of the storefronts of Roundup at that time, including a sign advertising the services of C.H. Tyler, Lawyer as well as a store selling dry goods and furnishings. 

Also, if you continue to inspect the photo you'll find that of all the people in the parade and lined up on the street, not one of them is a woman. Doesn't that seem a bit odd?

As the fourth of July approaches this year, we're likely to engage in that very same tradition enjoyed by these men of Roundup. Although hopefully it won't be all men - maybe we can invite our wives, girlfriends, sisters, and friends this time?

And for most of us, even in the Treasure State, there won't be any oxen, either. 

Be sure to click on the photo to enlarge it and inspect the fine details!

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