Publisher’s Note | Spring 2020

The first sign of springtime’s impending arrival is the sun rising incrementally higher in the sky with each passing day. We may notice our shadows in the snow growing shorter, or the mercury on our front porch thermometers creeping ever so slightly higher.  A sense of anticipation grows in the hearts of Montanans for thick, warm sunshine, dusty hiking trails, fresh huckleberries, and outdoor music. 

The increased sunlight beckons humans and bears alike to step out of our houses and dens, out into the wild; if we’re mindful, we might soon notice buds beginning to push out from tree branches, flowers breaking through the rich, dark Montana soil, and the whole state yearning to burst forth and paint the landscape in an unrestrained riot of vibrant spring color.

Then, as if to remind us all that Montana’s weather is as unpredictable as its drivers, an early spring snowstorm rolls through and drapes a fresh, thick blanket of snow over our beloved mountain paradise. Still, winter cannot resist the eternal dance of the cosmos, and the snow soon melts. The sun beckons once again to hardy wildflowers, coaxing them up to burst forth and deliver their heady reminder of life’s indefatigable exuberance.

We begin 2020 with a huge amount of gratitude for Bill and Anthea Muhlenfeld, from whom we purchased Distinctly Montana on January 1st. They have built a truly remarkable publication, and we are excited about the possibilities for how we might make the magazine even better.

Our commitment to our readers and business partners is that we will continue to uphold the tradition of excellence that they instilled in every issue, right down to the last period.

Happy spring, Montana! 

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