Publisher's Note | Summer 2019

There are many draws to living in or visiting Montana. As our front cover tagline suggests, you can find adventure, inspiration, and spirit in the sweeping landscapes, in the big, leafy hugs of pine and aspen, in the very real waves of grass, in the marvelous wildlife, and in clear waters that run, fall and lie still, all indifferent to the hand of man.

And yet we do capture small pieces of nature when we stop to notice, when we park our modernity and dare to trespass, slipping from the digital world, morphing into the scenery, understanding the natural world in forgotten ways. Immersion is the word that comes to mind, and when one “immerses” oneself in nature, surrenders to the many wonders which do not require the trappings of silicon or distractions of bandwidth, a transformation takes place.

yellow flower

Let’s call it peace.

So, this summer, as you enjoy Montana, take time to experience part of it  alone, just you, with the sights, smells and sounds of nature; and you may well find something that causes your heart to race, your breath to quicken, your consciousness to grasp a bit of the mystic.

And you might just find yourself.


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