Publisher's Note | Winter 2020-21

Winter issue cover

There's no mistaking it, Montana is "flyover country."  But we don't mean the dismissive pejorative that refers to West and East coasters' migratory habits as they fly to and from coastal urban centers.  

No, we at Distinctly Montana prefer to think of all the sandhill cranes, geese, and ducks that fly over the Treasure State.  If the views we enjoy down here are this beautiful, imagine what our feathered friends get to see.  Those are some lucky ducks.

And even in the pejorative sense, 2020 has proven, as if it needed proving, what makes Montana so perfect; it's a combination of the slower pace, friendly neighbors, and just enough isolation that social distancing is, well, unavoidable.  After all, the population density of Montana is about seven people per mile.  We're not so great at math, but we reckon that's more than six feet apart. 

The holiday season serves to remind us what is most important in life: each other.  We like to take stock of all the things in life that we have to be grateful for this winter. Kindness and empathy are the highest of human virtues, and Montanans have plenty of both, so be generous with your compassion as we trudge ahead through this winter.  And if you're one of the many who've decided to ditch the coasts and hide out here with us in Montana, just remember: however cold and snowy the winter is, it's only nine months out of the year. 

We send you our best wishes for health, wealth, and happiness this holiday season and into 2021! 

Winter sun

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