Romancing The Log

A Photo Essay...

The tree has many lovers. When it is young and among its forest family, it is nurtured by wind, rain and blanketing sun, where the best grow straight and tall, firm of trunk and natural grace.  It serves as habitat for many a creature. It shares the glory of its existence with many admirers—hikers, bird-watchers, climbers and occasional, surprising flings with passers-by. 

Architects too embrace trees and see in their fallen trunks possibilities for designing homes for people, even dogs and birds. Architects pen their intentions in detail with excited admiration for the beauty and grain of wood.

In turn builders, reading the blueprint, are filled with passion to fulfill the architect’s vision. The romance blossoms in a whirl of sawdust, in petals of woodchips as the log is danced to an eave, a beam, a floor or, perhaps, a sculpted stairway.

Generations of new lovers will admire the wood’s beauty, imagine its forested birth, and marvel at the exquisite crafting of nature and man.  They will know the timeless romance of the ages.

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