• Montana’s Special Scarecrow Festivals

    By Joe Shelton
    Ancient Egyptians used a variation of them to protect their crops along the Nile River Delta from pesky quails. But it was the Greeks, Romans, and Japanese who anthropomorphized them, dressing wood and straw up in old clothes and lending them clubs and scythes to enhance their capacity to intimidate birds.
  • Testicle Festival Time

    By Greg Keeler
    Now some of you tourists might think

    That a meal of calf testes would stink.

    Well, I beg to differ, them buggers taste great with a drink.
  • Montana’s Irish Renaissance

    By Thomas Sullivan
    They say a culture isn’t a culture without its language, and if that’s truly the case, Montana’s Irish culture must have lay dormant for well over a century and a half. Lucky for me the language came back. For, after all, I doubt I’d