VIDEO: White Knuckle Footage of NPS Operator Clearing Going to the Sun Road

Going to the Sun Road

Source: Youtube channel UnofficialNet

There are some jobs that only a few people can do because everyone else would lose their mind and get themselves killed from sheer nerves.  Power linemen, for one.  The firemen who brave the flames and run into dangerous.  Rodeo cowboys, too.  

Well, here's another: the brave operator who has to clear the Going to the Sun Road of snow.  He (or she) will have to clear winding, narrow roads of many, many feet of snow, all while not tumbling down the cliffs.  Just watching this video gives those of us with a fear of heights a knot in our throats.

The Going to the Sun Road opens every year once the conditions are favorable enough to allow snow to be cleared and for travel to start.  Often, this is in June, although there is no strict date for opening.

Do you think you could do this job?  

Source: Youtube channel UnofficialNet

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