What the Hay!

Montana Bale Trail's Annual Sculpture Competition

The amusing and amazing “What the Hay” (Montana Bale Trail) sculptures are created for a one day event on September 13th but you can see the bales later in the month too.

Begun in 1990 as a friendly competition between two neighboring ranchers, it’s grown into a full-blown attraction.  By its 20th anniversary in 2003 over 50 entries were created.  People vote on the best in two categories: those bales created by children under 13 and those of adults.  There is no entry fee, and sculptors have ranged from age 3 to 83.

The bales are displayed along a 21-mile loop south of US Hwy 87 along highways 239 and 541, between Windham and Hobson.  In Utica, the half-way point, you might want to stop at the Oxen Yoke Inn.  In Hobson you could get into the spirit of the place at the Gumbo Flats Farm Bed & Breakfast, an operating farm that grows wheat and barley, with open spaces to view wildlife and go for long relaxing walks.

Scroll through our photo gallery to view a few pictures of past hay sculptures entered in to this fun, Fall competition. 

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Go to montanabaletrail.com for videos of creative hay bales!

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