"16,130 Feet" of Timber Pulled By a Two-Horse Team, 1900

This photo, taken three months into the previous century, shows a few loggers understandably proud at their Tetris-like feat of having piled "16,130 feet" of timber onto one cart.  They've paused to commemorate the occasion with a snap. 

The information provided by the Montana Memory Project states: "View of a horse team with a large stack of timber, twelve men in work clothes visible to the left; Northwest Montana. Note on verso: 'Sixteen thousand, one hundred thirty feet of logs hauled by the Baker Brothers with a single team, five Baker Brothers and friends.' And another note states, 'Copyright 1973, Elizabeth P. Schafer, Whitefish Pub. lib.'"

Along with mining, farming, and ranching, timber was one of the staple jobs of the Montana economy for years, and this photograph demonstrates the ingenuity, invention, and even some of the pride of these loggers and foresters. 

Click the picture below to inspect its fine details!

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