Bus Full of Thirteen Women Touring Glacier in 1920s

It's a pretty good adventure to visit Glacier National Park now, what with the stunning vistas, rich history, and chance of being eaten by bears.  But can you imagine what it must have been like 100 years ago when the only available transportation was a big, open-top bus?  And now imagine that it's a bus full of young women!

This remarkable photograph from Glacier National Park's collection shows 13 women posing by their tour bust next to a sign indicating directions to Hudson Bay Divide.  The photograph was taken by their driver, Ector Bosatti, who wrote "One of my bus loads!" on the back of the photo.

In the park of that era, there were large and luxurious chalets, as well as the surprisingly comfortable-looking tour busses, but it was a very different park than the one we know now - it was before, for instance, the Going to the Sun Road.

Summer's a great time to get out there and hit the road in Montana - everyone loves the feeling of being Kings of the Road.  Or Queens, as it were. 

Click on the picture below and zoom in!

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JOE SMULICH (not verified) , Thu, 06/17/2021 - 10:27
Interesting how they were dressed more like men
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