The Fall 2021 Cover Revealed!

We're especially proud of our upcoming Fall 2021 cover.  The issue will discuss the past and present of mining in Montana, but also to capture the spirit of hard work and sacrifice that led thousands of young men to risk life and limb in tunnels under the earth to support their families.  

The issue features stories about Mary MacLane, scandalous Butte writer ahead of her time, the path of a Yogo sapphire from the ground to a jewelry setting, a comic about Auditor, the dog of the Berkeley Pit, the legacy of Chinese Miners in Montana, a delicious history of the pasty (and a recipe from the Butte heritage cookbook), terrifying Tommyknockers, and much, much more. 

So we're very pleased to present the mining issue of Distinctly Montana, out on stands and in stores on September 15th!


DM Fall Cover 2021

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