Publisher's Note | Winter 2020

Distinctly Montana has been a distinctive force in magazine publishing in Montana since 2002. When we, the current owners, purchased it in 2010 it was due for a serious makeover, to plan and react to the impact of technology on print in new and, we hoped, interesting ways. So what better idea than to give it away free, spreading it across 1,400 separate locations in Montana; and creating a plethora of interesting reads, most of which could be read at a comfortable sitting in a coffee shop or doctor’s office.

After a heady (and somewhat exhausting) nine years, there will be another “new beginning” with the new owners and our relatives, Chris and Pattra Muhlenfeld. We have greatly appreciated and benefited from the services of our editor,  Valerie Harms, and our art director, Robert Rath, as well as all our wonderful writers and photographers. For our part, we will be working with Chris and Pattra behind the scenes over the next year to assure a smooth transition for our readers and business partners. We leave them ready for the Spring 2020 issue with the largest distribution and social media presence of any Montana media, including TV, radio, newspapers and magazines; as well as a dedicated readership and a business model which emphasizes excellence in every regard.

The other good news? They will only make it better. A fond farewell to everyone.

See you on the slopes!

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