VIDEO: 16 Month Old Baby From Malta is a Hoverboard Prodigy!

Mozart wrote his first piece of music, a Minuet and Trio in G major, at the age of 5 years old.  And while that's undeniably impressive, we've just got to ask: what the heck was he doing at 16 months old - lying around going goo goo gaga?  Because this little girl from Malta, barely a toddler, is truly a whiz on the hover board.  

The family that uploaded the video had this to say: "Siva is 16 months old and is awesome at riding the hoverboard. We have lots of kids in the house and she has watched them all ride it so when she got on a few months ago we started recording her so friends and family could see."

And, all joking aside, it truly is an impressive feat of balance and dexterity for a tyke that small. They say that kids pick things up faster than adults, and surely that's true, but certain of the editorial staff of Distinctly Montana once had an opportunity to try one of these, and our (ahem, their) tailbones hurt for months.

But this whizkid can spin around, change direction, and even stop and pick something up off the floor while standing on the board. Of course, she is a little closer to the floor, so maybe that's not the most impressive part. 

Something tells us this little girl's got a future at the X Games. 

Watch the whole video below!

Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

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