VIDEO: Acrobatic Bear Tries To Reach Suspended Bait

Bear and beaver bait
Source: Youtube

Bears are astounding creatures. We bet you already know that, as a reader with taste and discernment -- after all, you're here, aren't you?  

Even so, sometimes a piece of footage comes along that surprises even us! And we say this as people who watch bear videos on Youtube not just as a profession, but as a hobby!

Just look at how skilled a climber the bear in this video is. It's positively acrobatic.  

These hunters, from Garrett Brothers Outfitting in Alberta, Canada, hung a piece of beaver suspended from a rope in the trees, and then went into their tree stand to wait. When a black bear walked up, they didn't expect it to climb the tree and then handily pull himself along the rope to the bait.  

Bear falling from line in tree
Source: Youtube

Granted, once the bear is at the bait, suspended what looks like at least 20 feet above the ground, it hasn't got anywhere to go. As the hunters, who laugh in disbelief, point out, "he's going to fall!"  

The bear sure tries to figure out how to get over to the tree, though. And he does a lot better than we would, that's for sure. 

Inevitably, he drops. None the worse for wear except maybe for a bruised ego, the bear decides the beaver meat isn't worth it and heads off for easier vittles.  

As one hunter says the other, he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes.  

See the whole video below, and leave a comment if you've ever seen anything like this acrobatic bear!

Source: Youtube channel Garrett Bros. Outfitting

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