VIDEO: Avalanche Control Is a Real Blast

Most of the time, you don't want to be around to see an avalanche. They're enormously destructive forces, capable of wiping out everything in their path, burying you under tons of material, and blocking roads and trails. 

The one time you might want to see an avalanche is when they're triggered safely, a case of prudent avalanche control. Filmed near Juneau, Alaska, this video shows a beautiful angle on an avalanche purposefully caused by a detonation. A relatively recent innovation in avalanche control, such detonations are generally fuel-air explosions set off just above the snowpack with the intention of causing a smaller, less destructive avalanche in order to prevent a worse one. The charge being detonated in air reduces the risk to avalanche control personnel and, moreover, can make for a pretty awesome video.

Just listen to the guy filming. He's got a litany of hilarious phrases to go along with the dramatic demonstration, including: 

"We got a rumbler tumbler comin' down the jungle," and "Yeah boyyyy, whoooo! That's the good stuff, right there!"  

We're inclined to agree; safe avalanche management is the good stuff. 

See the whole video below!  

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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