VIDEO: Boy's Emotional Reaction to Getting a Birthday Puppy Is Heartbreaking

Boy opening his present with dog inside
Source: Youtube

Sometimes you've just got to bawl your eyes out until you're a red, heaving mess. Unless you're a guy, that is. In that case, a single, manly tear might roll down your stubbled cheeks.  

In either case, you won't have a dry eye after watching this video, or your money back. 

The video, uploaded to Youtube, shows a boy in Mitchell's Bay, Ontario as he opens up his birthday present. Birthdays are always fun, so he's excited. But nothing prepares him (or you) for what happens when he opens the package. 

Inside is an adorable little puppy. It pokes its cute little head out as soon as there's a big enough hole in the packaging, and the boy's reaction goes through a whole series of stages. 

Boy reaching inside present for dog
Source: Youtube

First: sheer grinning joy. If any of you have ever had a puppy as a child, you already know the feeling. And if you haven't, well, we pity you! But the next stage is what speaks volumes, because before you know it the boy has broken down and has to lean his head against the box. And then, in a moment, he has the puppy in his arms, sobbing. 

Is there any love purer than a boy and his dog?

Even the Distinctly Montana staff, well known for our stoic, icy stares and pragmatic outlooks, had to excuse ourselves to go have discrete, socially-distanced crying jags in the office. 

See the video below, and if you don't cry, well then shame on you!

Source: Youtube; For licensing or usage, contact [email protected]

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