VIDEO: Watch Elusive Wolverine Up Close at Swan Valley Bait Station


You don't get many opportunities to see a wolverine this closely, especially without risking getting your face torn off. But more than just a regular game camera sighting, this wolverine on the video represents a rare meeting with a famously elusive (and ferocious) creature. Filmed in the Swan Valley, the video shows a wolverine managing the difficult-looking feat of balancing on the bait while eating it. The bait, by the way, is a deer's head, which the wolverine enjoys like it's a delicacy, picking at all the strings of meat.


Wolverines are part of the weasel family - the nastiest part, like a drunk cousin that wants to pick fights. Its scientific name comes from the latin for "glutton," probably because of the voracious appetite here captured. They are prodigious scavengers as well as hunters, and have been known to chase grizzly bears away from their own kills to feast on the remains. That's tough. 

Wolverines are also hard to spot because they maintain large territories. A single male wolverine might roam over as much as 600 sq miles. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel Swan Valley Connections

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