VIDEO: Brave Young Woman Stands Her Ground Against Mountain Lion

Mountain lion vs. girl
Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

Have you ever gotten close to a mountain lion?  They're beautiful, but very dangerous creatures.  They're also fairly mercurial, and tend to stay away from humans if possible.  But not this mountain lion.  When a young woman and her father got separated during a hunting trip, this mountain lion saw an opportunity to take down a bigger quarry - but the young woman is unflappable, and knows just what to do. 

This incredibly tense video, filmed on November 1st in Colorado, begins with a mountain lion getting closer and closer to a young woman.  She films the mountain lion because she, as she says later, she thinks that it'll be easy to scare the mountain lion away by shouting and making herself appear larger.  But this mountain lion isn't dissuaded by the usual precautions and keeps on creeping closer and closer. 

Mountain lion vs. girl
Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

The young woman yells and makes a growling noise she later describes as being like baby Simba's roar.  But the situation deteriorates.  Next, the young woman throws her phone into the snow (you don't see that very often in these videos - in these strange times in which we live it seems that many people would rather leave a cool video behind than be as safe as possible).  Even so, though the camera is in the snow, we can still hear all the dramatic events unfolding.  That includes the low, resonant growl of the approaching mountain lion, and, finally, the crack of a rifle shot. 

The young woman fired her rifle, something she didn't want to have to do.  But thank goodness she did. 

Once the cat, struck by the bullet, runs away, the woman retrieves her phone and briefly summarizes what we've just missed.  Then, after another edit, we see her standing on her porch while she explains in greater detail what happened. 

While it is unfortunate that a mountain lion lost its life as a result of the altercation, we are very thankful that this remarkable young lady was able to keep a cool head during the encounter.

See the whole video below! 

Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

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Susan Botelho (not verified) , Sun, 02/21/2021 - 10:54
Why didn't she just fire the gun into the air first???
Roger A Green (not verified) , Mon, 02/22/2021 - 09:09
Probably should shouldn't have growled , yelling was probably good idea I would have shot sooner once a s warning shot
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