VIDEO: Do You Think This Deer Wants To Go To The Beach Already?

You know when your dog walks around with its leash in its mouth?  It's an unsubtle way of saying, "hey, I'm ready for a walk now, so lets go!"  Sometimes dogs will also carry their food bowl around, much as some people (there's one in every family) will bang their fork and spoon against the table until someone feeds them.  Well, could it be possible that this deer is trying really, REALLY hard to tell us that he's ready for a sunny day at the beach?

Filmed in New Jersey, where the local whitetail bucks are likely to join the cast of Jersey Shore in catching some rays and showing off their muscles at the beach, this video shows a recreation-ready deer - with a beach ball and everything. 

Beach Ball Deer

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

You can tell the woman filming the video certainly thinks it's funny!  

Alright, alright, we know that there are some that will point out that this deer probably doesn't want to have a beach ball stuck on his head, and that this is further evidence of just how much plastic waste there is the in the wild.  Some might even compare it to those poor ducks that get their bills stuck in a six pack ring.  But to them we say: can't you just let us have this little laugh?  God knows we can all use one. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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