VIDEO: Glacier Grizzly Itches Back On Picnic Table

Grizzly bear swims in Glacier
Source: Youtube

For bear lovers, Glacier is synonymous with grizzlies. A multi-year DNA study shows that there are about 300 grizzlies in the National Park, which is lower than the estimated 728 in Yellowstone, but we somehow suspect the 300 glacier bears are bigger, meaner, and more likely to eat a hiker. Maybe that's just the way they're portrayed in the media. 

Even so, news stories like the recent group of hikers who encountered a running grizzly bear and tried running away show that human and grizzly encounters in the park are sometimes dramatic, even dangerous affairs. 

But sometimes, as this video shows, they're beautiful chances to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. Taken at Swiftcurrent Lake, the video shows a grizzly submerged up to its neck in the water. Then, after relocating to another safe distance away, the video continues with the grizzly on the shore, walking towards a picnic table (unused at the moment, thankfully).  

Grizzly bear and picnic bench in Glacier
Source: Youtube

Then he behaves in a startlingly catlike manner, rubbing his face on the edge of the picnic table as our feline friends are wont to do. Then the grizzly continues his lazy afternoon by having a sit in the grass for a while before ambling off through the trees.  

This was taken in August of 2017, but but bears all over Glacier are currently focused on caloric intake, trying to get fat enough to hibernate through the winter months (which are nearly all of them here in Montana). For that reason it is especially important to stay out of their way and to use caution by securing your food when camping, etc. In the unlucky case that you do encounter a charging bear, there are some rules you should observe to minimize the risk of death. 

Watch the video below!

Source: Youtube

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