VIDEO: Goodbye Geese!

Snow has set in Montana, and winter has come to stay for the foreseeable future. Along with changing seasons, everything is hunkering down for the cold weather. Animals have been working to store food for the long winter and forage for hibernation. Some animals are snowbirds like humans, you may know. If you’ve been outside anytime the past week, you might hear distant squawking and look up and see a flock of birds. 

In this video, geese are looking to ditch town and head somewhere for winter vacation. Over Fairfield, MT, these birds look like they’re creating an abstract artwork in the sky. If they fly overhead, don’t look straight up, as you might get an unexpected and unwelcome gift from above! Moving like waves above makes everyone gaze at the sky and watch their performance before they leave for the winter. See you next year, Geese!

Watch the video below!

Source: YouTube ViralHog

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