VIDEO: Grizzly Bear Kills Bull Elk on Side of Road

Bear attacks elk
Source: Youtube

There are some people who love to watch bear videos online because they're so cute and furry and eerily human-like in unexpected ways.  But some of those people don't like it when the bears do the rough stuff, as it ruins their mental image of the bear as a gentle giant.  If you are one of those people, we want you to know that we love you and we thank you very much for reading our little magazine.  But this video's not for you.  You might like this one better. 

If you're still here, that means that you understand that the bear, like humans, is a complicated animal with many different facets.  Sure they're cute sometimes!  And baby cubs are so like human children sometimes that it gets under your skin.  But bears do have to eat.  And when they eat something living, as they will sometimes do, it ain't a pretty sight.  

Bear attacks elk
Source: Youtube

This video was recorded in northern Wyoming.  The videographers had been passing when they saw the elk and a grizzly in a deadly standoff.  By the time they pulled over and got their phones out to record, the standoff portion of the hunt was over.  The elk was on the ground, was grievously injured, and it remained only for the bear to finish the job.  The bear sets about doing so by grabbing on to the elk's neck and thrashing it.  It's only a matter of time before the elk succumbs to blood loss, but the grizzly's hungry, so he speeds the process along by tearing at the elk's throat, catching the elk's neck in its vice-like grip.  

Some of the folk talking in the video sound like European tourists.  Well, they sure did get a front-row seat.  We, for one, hope that they knew enough to appreciate the awesome display of nature they were witnessing. 

See the video below!

Source: Youtube

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Anonymous (not verified) , Thu, 10/15/2020 - 15:38
Bears are so cruel. At least a cat grabs the throat and makes the kill before they start eating you! Can't watch this horror.
bill (not verified) , Fri, 09/10/2021 - 17:52
The bear is eating. This is what you do to survive.
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