VIDEO: Grizzly Too Close For Comfort!

If you’ve been in Montana long enough, you’ve probably had a few closer-than-comfortable encounters with wildlife. Whatever animal it might be, a grizzly bear is the worst to have a close encounter with. In Glacier National Park, hikers came face-to-face with a large grizzly bear. 

In the footage, you can see a young man slowly walking back from the bear as it continues down the trail. After the video cuts, the group of people continued backing down the trail until the bear found a way off the path. If you come in contact with a grizzly bear, here are a few things to do:

  • Talk in low tones of voice to the bear.
  • Don’t scream - the bear might think you’re prey if you make similar sounds.
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Walk backward slowly
  • Pick up children
  • Don’t give the bear food or your pack
  • Don’t climb a tree or run
  • Make yourself look as big as possible by reaching higher ground if possible

The people in the video did an excellent job of keeping calm in a stressful situations. 

Be bear aware wherever you go and carry bear spray if you need to use it on a charging bear. Be safe, and watch the video below!

Source: YouTube ViralHog

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