VIDEO: Group of Moose Swim In Formation Across Lake

Moose Swimming Across Lake
Source: Youtube

Moose are famously strong swimmers.  They're even able to dive below the water in order to eat vegetation below.  But actually seeing them swim is still strange.  The idea that an animal who appears so ungainly and ill-suited for the water can cut through it like a sailboat... well, it makes you admire the ingenuity of the creator.  

But seeing four of them swim together is really something.  If we were given to considerations of the supernatural, we'd say it's a sign!  

Hikers in Colorado reported seeing the four moose all jump into the water and take off swimming.  By the time they started filming the moose were well underway, and the person filming got a fantastically clear image of the group of four.  

Moose Swimming Across Lake
Source: Youtube

The videographer also speculates that they were a family, and that could well be.  The group consists of two bulls and two cows, so we'd also allow there's a possibility that it's a double date, or even some kind of youth group scenario, where no one is dating but they're all good friends.  

The hiker who shot the video said that the extraordinary event occurred "to the delight of dozens of hikers," and we agree: it's a rare and beautiful thing to have seen, and we're glad to share it with you.

Watch the video below, and leave a comment if you've ever seen a group of moose swimming together.

Source: Youtube

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mature mom moose with last years cow calf and 2 bulls in rut
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