VIDEO: Man Catches Mountain Lion Having Roadside Feast in Montana

Mountain lion and dead deer

Source:  Youtube channel ViralHog

Mountain lions are big and fearsome animals, and sometimes we might need to be reminded of that lest we start to think of them as big cuddly Norwegian Forest Cats. 

This amazing footage captured somewhere in Montana (the uploader isn't specific) shows a mountain lion enjoying a nighttime meal of roadside deer.  Eventually, perhaps because the cat didn't want to eat in a spotlight, the mountain lion picks up the deer corpse and walks it to the other side of the road. 

That's a fairly robust display of strength, something that a lot of big dogs might not be able to do.  And it also goes to show that a mountain lion could make off with a child pretty easily, so be careful and watch your little ones on hikes through areas that have seen mountain lions around.

Mountain lion and deer

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

In the words of the uploader, "I captured this video last night driving home. It was about 5 miles outside of town. I saw a mountain lion eating a deer on the side of the road, then it drug the deer across the road into the woods."

Have you ever seen a mountain lion dining on prey in the wild? 

See the whole video below: 

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