VIDEO: Moose Tries Out For Soccer Team

Moose playing soccer
Source: Youtube

This moose might not be Pelé, but its got some skills.  Just see for yourself!

Some people were playing some soccer (that's football to our international readers!) when an unexpected guest showed up to kick the ball around for a minute with them.  It just so happened to be a moose.  And guess what: he's pretty good.  

And, to everyone's surprise and evident joy, the moose is pretty good, doing a fair job of dribbling the ball and even delivering one pretty good kick.  But then, why should the moose be great at soccer - they've got strong enough legs, don't they?  And a couple more of them than we have. 

Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

But what I think that no one else (other than the brilliant and innovative minds at the Distinctly Montana home office) realizes is that we might be witnessing the solution to sports during coronavirus.  After all, who needs an NBA bubble when all the players are moose?  The Patriots (boo!  hiss!) have had to cancel practice because of coronavirus this week - well, they wouldn't have had to do that if they had temporarily replaced human players by moose players.  Plus, can you imagine a moose's punt?  It'd be positively vicious. 

The videographers of the impromptu moose skirmish managed to get two angles, so here: have another.  

And leave a comment if you agree with us that baseball might actually not be boring if it was played by moose with catcher's mitts on their antlers.

Source: Youtube and Viral HOg

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