VIDEO: Playful Yellowstone Grizzly LOVES Rolling Around in the Snow

In this joyful video filmed in Yellowstone Park, a passerby was surprised to look down into a creek bottom and find a female grizzly playing in the snow. 

The person who filmed the video describes what happened: "The video was taken on Monday on the Eastside of Yellowstone National Park. The Grizzly was down on a creek bottom just playing around so I stopped and videoed her."  It's worth noting that the video was filmed in early May, so there's a good chance that bear's just woke up from a very long nap. 

She also seems remarkably intent on biting her feet, a goal she pursues successfully for nearly the entire video.  But there's also something about it all that reminds of making snow-angels. The sheer, simple pleasure of lying in snow and having a little frolic is a pretty universal feeling.  

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

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Sharon (not verified) , Fri, 12/11/2020 - 07:21
Thank you. So refreshing
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