VIDEO: Rock Slide Hits Highway Just Feet Away From Car

Beware of Falling Rock

When I was a kid in the back seat for a long drive and I happened to see a sign that said "Falling Rocks," I would always press my face to the window and look intently for the enormous rockslide no doubt cascading towards us.  I was always disappointed to find that nothing like that ever happened.  What would the state advertise falling rocks if there weren't any?  

Of course I realize now it might have been for the best. 

Rock slide
Source: Youtube

But that doesn't stop me from being a little bit jealous of the people who captured the video below, because boy oh boy, they got an eyeful. 

The woman taking the video noticed a few smaller rocks falling from the top of a ridge nearby and was lucky enough to get the phone up in time to see a whole piece of the rock face come down onto the road.  

"Oh my god!  Jeez!" she says before the sound of the boulder deluge drowns out any other sound.  Once the distortion on the audio clears, we're able to hear her say, "holy crap!"  Holy crap is right!

Rock Slide Further On
Source: Youtube

The rock slide completely blocked Highway 95 outside of Riggins, Idaho for some time.  As a matter of fact, another even more significant rockslide on a nearby slope caused the Highway closure to be extended.  As of this writing, authorities are looking at using some controlled blasts to reshape and repair the area.  

Watch the incredible video below: 

Source: Youtube

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