VIDEO: See moose calf rescued by quick-thinking kayakers

It's always nice to see good samaritans helping animals out.  Sure-footed as even young moose are, they sometimes wander into situations that they can't get out, same as all of us.

And in those moments, you just got to hope and pray that there's someone there that can help you out.  Thankfully for this cold, wet moose calf, there were a couple of kayaking Canucks.

The video was shot at Sheep River in Southwestern Alberta, and captures the exciting moment that one of the two kayakers, attached to a safety rope, managed to intercept the helpless moose calf.

Then he helps the calf to shore, where it seems stunned.  We've got to admit that our first thought was that they should probably get away from it in case its mother is nearby and, though presumably thankful on some level for the rescue of its young, is in the mood to stomp someone.  But there doesn't appear to be a mother nearby.  This could mean, sadly, that the calf has been abandoned by its mother. 

Hopefully, the mother is upstream and will follow the scent of her calf to a happy family reunion. 

Interestingly enough, moose are very strong swimmers, able to even dive to take bites of green plants growing at the bottom of rivers and other reasonably shallow bodies of water.  But this poor little thing, too young to have developed its sea legs, so to speak, got a little carried away. 

See the whole video below! 

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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